Что такое ItalianDirectory?

We at Italiandirectory

ItalianDirectory is an editorial startup with offices in Venice and Treviso. We publish technical and industrial culture oriented articles, but we believe that art and creativity are an integral part of the manufacturing. To companies, we propose a new approach to business promotion and online advertising, which makes them part of a wider cultural and more appropriate attitude to the 21st century.

Italiandirectory was born in January 2015 as a brainchild of Hdemo Network, a company operating since 1985 in training and technical advice to firms, with over 50 active clients, partner of Xerox Corporation and InfoTrends Inc. The engineering of multilingual Web platforms, social media and data analytics is the work of Epysoft, a company founded in 2009 and active in the fields of software engineering and computer systems, already collaborator of important projects such as GAE, Web2Py and Microsoft Windows Embedded.

Editorial policy

We publish technical articles, scientific and cultural contributions of various size and type. We cater for engineers, managers, professionals and craftsmen of knowledge to which we offer cultural stimuli, in-depth training, and professional contributions.

Italiandirectory is an international publishing platform: released at first only in Russian and English Edition, now, since April 2015, also in Italian. Multilanguage are also our various social media channels.

Though online from just a few months, we can say that Italiandirectory has already gained a qualified audience, relying on several thousand pages viewed monthly on our portals and hundreds of followers on social media. Our trend is steady growth, while our editorial contents are constantly enriched by important contributions from professionals, researchers and experts.

Not just on the web

Ideas have no boundaries and we evaluate all possible channels. Italiandirectory is present on all digital media that matters: Web, Twitter where we have more than 550 international followers, Linkedin, Facebook, Medium, SlideShare, Google, StumbleUpon and ScoopIt.

Promotion and advertising on Italiandirectory

Promoting your business on Italiandirectory means to be visible and relevant in the eyes of deciders, influencers, productors and creators of innovation, in Italy and in all the five continents.

In an age where traditional forms of online advertising, with their intrusiveness and pervasiveness, have saturated the web becoming intolerable for users, Italiandirectory offers to sponsor something different. A platform for media publishing where sponsors, for their goals of promotion and brand awareness, can take advantage of the new techniques that go collectively under the name of native advertising or sponsored content.

In Italy, we were not the first to introduce these new advertising tactics, but we are constantly committed to give our sponsors an audience increasingly qualified and selected for their business objectives.

The value that we offer companies is thus immediate: the ability to communicate your message to qualified readers by offering them something useful and valuable. It’s the revolutionary Youtility philosophy of Jay Baer:

The difference between helping and selling is just two letters. But those two letters are critically important to the success of business today. Youtility is marketing so useful, people would pay for it. It’s a new marketing model for the age of information overload. – Jay Baer

The profile of our audience is of great interest for sponsors, as it is also confirmed by this analytics report of interests among our Twitter followers.

Out Twitter followers profile
Out Twitter followers profile

Our values

  1. Only high-level content to get skilled players;
  2. An editorial team made by technicians, engineers, professionals and qualified designers: we know what we’re talking about;
  3. No obtrusive ads that distract from the reading; the sponsors are to be seen as an enrichment of information and not as a nuisance.

We do not seek a million of readers and attract them with easy grip content. We aim to a thousand readers, decision makers and leaders in their field, giving value to the contents offered by Italiandirectory in collaboration with its sponsors. [Andrea Roversi, CCO]

Our target markets

Three language areas where the sponsor may choose the most interesting for his campaign:

  • Russian speaking markets: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the former Soviet Union, China;
  • English language (native or secondary) markets: Great Britain, Ireland, USA and all Asian and European countries where english is the language adopted in the business;
  • Italian market and that of the Italian communities abroad.
Services for the advertisers